Leo Brady covers the 2019 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival on AMovieGuy.com

The tail end of the 2019 horror movie season does not go without a boom. We had Cinepocalypse and Fantastic Fest, but now we make our way to the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, a fest that I have yet to be disappointed in. Sometimes you can judge a film festival by how good the movies are- obviously that is important- but there are other times where a festival can just make you feel at home. That’s how I feel covering this festival, which starts Thursday October 17th and ends on the 24th. It’s not just because I am covering the festival remotely or blowing smoke to appease my audience. The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is knocking it out of the park in just the 4th year of existence. You get the full experience of movies at all times, with crowds that love the genre, and artists that deserve the attention. So what is in store this year? Surprisingly, a lot! This might be one of my favorite years at Brooklyn, because it’s a mixture of new stories that also happen to be made by independent filmmakers, all worthy of our praise. Here is AMovieGuy.com’s preview of the movies to see at the 4th Brooklyn Horror Film Festival:


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