Leo Brady reviews “Semper Fi” on AMovieGuy.com

2019 has been a weird year, man. You’re reading that rating above correctly. I am giving a positive review to a Jai Courtney picture. The guy who brings as much personality to a role as a tomato and can be blamed for having a part in ruining, not one, but two beloved action franchises. That guy. Maybe this year is the start of a new Jai Courtney? Hopefully, we can expect more work like this from him. Movies involving human emotion, family strife, mixed with intense drama. I hope so, becauseSemper Fiis a nice start. You might see some film critics balk at the thought of giving the Suicide Squad actor credit when it is due, but I am here to tell you that I found Semper Fi to be engaging. Director Henry Alex Rubin has made a movie about five guys, all with catchy codenames, such as Callahan (Courtney), Jaeger (Finn Wittrock), Oyster (Nat Wolff), Milk (Beau Knapp), and Snowball (Arturo Castro). They have grown up together in New York, worked blue collar jobs, join the Marine reserves, and fight in the Iraq war together. They have one another’s back, but that brotherhood can be tested and that’s essentially what it’s all about. Semper Fi is an intense action throwback.


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