Leo Brady reviews “Joker” on AMovieGuy.com

For worse and worse, Joker is the movie of the time we are in, which means it will divide us all, and accomplish nothing. It’s violent, lonely, angry, and disturbing, which happens to be all the ways to describe Twitter arguments. For all the build up and conversations surrounding Joker, and there are many to be had, what shocked me most was how empty I felt after watching it. Make no mistake, I consider myself a massive fan of comic books and a fan of any work that shows love for Martin Scorsese. Todd Phillips is at least admirable for attempting to merge Taxi Driver into an origin story of Batman’s biggest foe, but at its core, I think Phillips misses the marks of what Scorsese was trying to say back in 1976. What you will hear over and over again is praise for the powerhouse work by Joaquin Phoenix, an actor that never needed to become a comic book villain to show his range, but here we are. What you won’t feel is entertained and if you have an ounce of moral fiber in your body, you will only leave Joker feeling worse than you did before.



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