Leo Brady reviews “Britt-Marie Was Here” on AMovieGuy.com

I would place Britt-Marie War Here on the list of “movies that we don’t get enough of these days”. You might call it a movie for your parents or something you catch on an airplane, but above it all, this is a movie that deserves our attention. I don’t want to oversell it. There’s no action in this story, there’s a good amount of comedy, and an uplifting tale about a 63-year old woman that finds the courage to leave her jerk of a husband. That might spark your interest or it might help you escape from the sadness in the world. I just found it to be refreshing. I was reminded of Marc Turtletaub‘s delicate 2018 romance picture, Puzzle– which still deserves your attention today. What amazed me even more about Britt-Marie Was Here, was how well crafted director Tuva Novotny has put this together, especially with a cast of actors only known by intense cinema buffs. That is just one of the many good things to say about Britt-Marie Was Here, because this is an independent film, about self discovery, no matter when you want to start.


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