Earlier this year, I had the privilege of interviewing director Penny Lane about here fantastic documentary Hail Satan? A movie that showed just how important the Satanic Temple is to the separation of church and state. In Chelsea Stardust’s raucous comedy, Satanic Panic, a young woman has the unfortunate luck of seeing the bad side of those who support the dark lord. Her name, just so happens to be Sam Craft (Hayley Griffith)- which, whether it was intentional or not, is a great name for someone being sacrificed to the devil. Sam delivers pizzas, needing every dollar she can get, and when she takes an order to the wealthy part of town, she’s hoping for a big tip. Instead, she is stiffed, and when she goes in the house to confront the person, she just so happens to walk in on a meeting of the satanic minds. Similar to how Villains was a movie about walking into the wrong situation, Satanic Panic is a hilarious and wild addition to the horror genre.


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