New Episode from CinemaJaw: CinemaJaw 436, Official Secrets – Small Town Movies

Reviewed: Official Secrets
I for an I: IT Chapter Two
Trivia: IT Chapter Two Cast Movie Trivia
Sponsored by: CardsAgainst Humanity

Happy Labor Day JawHeads! Hug someone who works hard. Big thanks from CinemaJaw to all the men and women who help make our country work!

This week on CinemaJaw in honor of IT Chapter 2, we take a look at small towns. Not necessarily American small towns, but there is something about Americana that speaks to the small town experience. From the idea white picket fences of the 50’s to the suburban decay of the 80’s, the who-cares attitiude of the 90’s to boom/bust of the aughts… Small Towns scream for storytelling! Many great movies take place there. This week we choose our top 5!

Top 5 Small Town Movies

5.) The Greater Los Angeles Area – Suburbia
4.) Punxatawney – Groundhog Day
3.) Fargo – Fargo
2.) Knights Ridge – Beautiful Girls
1.) Bedford Falls – It’s A Wonderful Life

5.) Radiator Springs – Cars
4.) Rural Arkansas – Shotgun Stories
3.) Pleasentville – Pleasentville
2.) Anarene – The Last Picture Show
1.) Giancaldo, Sicily – Cinema Paradiso

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