Leo Brady reviews the documentary “Love, Antosha” for AMovieGuy.com

There is not a dry eye on the screen, there’s not a dry eye behind the camera, and I bawled my eyes out watching Love, Antosha. That’s the impact Anton Yelchin had on the world. It broke me, just hearing him being talked about in the past tense. “Antosha WOULD HAVE loved that”, says his mother. “He HAD a curiosity, that with most people degrades over time”, says John Cho. With each comment, our hearts break a little more, weeping for the life of a beautiful human being that was unfairly cut too short. For that reason, and many more, is why Love, Anthosha is one of the best films of 2019. Not just because it is a film that celebrates Yelchin’s life, but because it proves that one life can show how great living can be. I honestly learned about love watching Love, Antosha. I saw myself in him. I saw my son. Life is such a precious thing and Anton teaches us to cherish it.



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