Leon Brady reviews “Angel Has Fallen” on AMovieGuy.com

I couldn’t for the life of me, remember the details about Olympus Has Fallen or London Has Fallen, prior to seeing the new action installment- Angel Has Fallen. Oh, I saw both of the latter movies, but I had forgotten their existence as quickly as I had forgotten what I ate for lunch last week. Olympus was the one where Gerard Butler had to save the White House from a group of terrorist. London was where Gerrard Butler had to save the city of London from a group of terrorists. Both of them, geared as action movies for idiots, involve our red blooded American hero (Butler is from Scotland, but I guess who cares?) saving the day. What’s hilarious about this new addition to the “Has Fallen” saga, is that director Ric Roman Waugh (Shot Caller) is hoping you’ve forgotten about those two first movies, just like I did. In fact, it was an entire day later that I noticed that Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Butler) had a completely different family now.


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