Leo Brady reviews “Them That Follow” on AMovieGuy.com

I often watch a movie that places the audiences gaze on the “wackiness” of religion and always remind myself, that if you study it enough, one could argue that every religion is wacky. Them That Follow is a family drama, and a good example of how the beliefs of some, can be the downfall of many. Writers & director’s Britt Poulton and Daniel Madison Savage, have collected a strong cast of actors, and got me quite riled up, because I can’t stand how people can do heinous acts to people they say they “love”, all in the name of their “lord”. That’s the plot in Them That Follow, where Walton Goggins stars as Lemuel, a preacher in the back woods of West Virginia, who uses snakes in his sermons to prove his faith to God, which of course puts a massive strain on his relationship with his daughter Mara (Alice Englert). Them That Follow is an intense and emotional look at religion tearing families apart, one snake at a time.


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