Leo Brady reviews “A Score to Settle” on AMovieGuy.com

A Score to Settle is a buffet of Nicolas Cage movie tropes. This is a movie where Cage plays a prisoner, with a terrible case of insomnia, and it’s so bad that they give him medicine and an early release. How does the Mandy star celebrate his new found freedom? By sticking his head out the window of his cab, to feel the cool breezy wind in his non-existent hair- Con-Air-style. That’s just in the first ten minutes, which is followed by a film about a father reconnecting with his son and getting revenge on the men that put him in prison in the first place. Shawn Kudoes his best to ground the emotions in A Score to Settle, but the raging Cage is loose, in a movie that will hold its place in a long list of Nicolas Cage direct to VOD action flicks.



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