Leo Brady reviews “Darlin'” and interviews director Pollyanna McIntosh on AMovieGuy.com


There is an awesome evolution, in front and behind the camera, when talking about Pollyanna McIntosh‘s film Darlin’. This is the third phase of a trilogy. The first installment was the cannibal horror picture Offspring, which essentially put McIntosh into the film industry. Then came the fantastic pairing of director Lucky McKee and McIntosh in the violent revenge tale The Woman, a movie that is still loved in the horror circles to this day. Now we get Darlin’, and what’s so fantastic about this film is that McIntosh not only stars, she’s also writes and directs. She has the blessing of the late author Jack Ketchum, and brings a fully unique narrative, while still making sure to continue the arc of these characters. Darlin’asks the question of nature vs. nurture, in a bloody intense drama, with strong characters to boot. Darlin’ may seem like an innocent little monster, instead it’s a beast waiting to break out. For those reasons and more, it’s awesome.



I would describe Pollyanna McIntosh as fierce. The tall, wickedly beautiful, former model, and fantastic actress from Scotland, has one of the most unique looks I have ever seen. I don’t know why she hasn’t been in a James Bond movie yet or even tapped to play a powerful superhero, but I know that is coming. She’s just too good. This is a self-made superstar. McIntosh already made a major impact with her performance as Jadis on The Walking Dead and has become a household name in the horror genre. Now is the time where she reveals all her talents, and it arrives in her writing and her directorial debut film- Darlin’. This is a follow-up to her breakout role in The Woman, continuing the story from the perspective of a feral teenager, adopted by the catholic church and forced into a world she does not know. It’s a movie that challenges our views on helping those in need and has shocking, bloody moments as well. I was lucky enough to sit down with Pollyanna McIntosh during her visit for the Cinepocalypse Film Festival. Watch it here:  

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