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Pink Wall plays like the cousin to Derek Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine in that it is a dark, sad look a couple’s relationship told through non-linear storytelling.  It is a heartbreaking look at a reality that we all face in our life at least once.

Pink Wall looks at the relationship between Leon (Jay Duplass) and Jenna (Tatiana Maslany).  The film is broken down into six scenes, with each scene being a year in the couple’s relationship and a pivotal moment of that year.  We see how they met, key moments of intimacy, love, heartbreak, and deep conversations that represent how this couple has either grown apart or together over the years.

First time director Tom Cullen used experimental camera techniques to tell this story.  Each segment/year was shot as a different aspect ration and in a different way.  The first time we meet Leon and Jenna, the frame is really tight and the camera is mostly hand-held, giving us that feeling of excitement of two people who are only focused on each other.  But in the later years, as the relationship starts to get rocky, the camera becomes more stilted and the shots become wider, showing the two are growing apart.  It’s powerful stuff from a first time director and makes me excited for Cullens next work.

Pink Wall is really a showcase for Duplass and Maslany, both of who give two of the best performances I’ve seen this year.  Both actors had the tough task of playing characters over six years who’s emotions, maturity, and love for one another varies each years.  Both Duplass and Maslany do masterful in portraying these characters by giving us impeccable chemistry and combining it with raw emotion.

Pink Wall is an in-depth, unconventional, raw look at one couple’s relationship.  Led by dynamic performances and smart directing, this is a film that’s authenticity and power will break your heart.




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