Leo Brady reviews the documentary “Hail Satan?” on AMovieGuy.com

Who ever knew we had a friend in Satan? The greatest revelation of director Penny Lane’s newest documentary is to know that there is a group, known as the Satanic Temple, that is out in our world fighting for religious freedom. Not at their own service, but service against the devout Christian right, that seems to believe only their religion matters, and nothing else. One thing to notice is that there is a question mark at the end of the title and if you are in anyway like me, one of the many lapsed catholics of the world, discouraged by the hypocrisy of many, and various criminal acts by those who “believe” in religion, then Hail Satan? is a documentary you have to see. You might not become a believer in a group that looks to satan, but you will certainly get on board with their fight to voice someones choice in religion.


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