Leo Brady reviews “Stockholm” on AMovieGuy.com

As Robert Budreau did in his second film, Born to be Blue, he takes an approach to a genre style and does his best to remove the tropes that came before. In Born to be Blue‘s regard, it was the biopic of jazz legend Chet Baker, a movie that does not really tell Baker’s story, but let’s us watch him at arms length. This same approach is in his newest work, Stockholm, which is sorta, loosely based, on the kidnapping scenario which helped coin the term “Stockholm Syndrome”. This is not your typical bank robbery film, in fact there is nothing robbed at all. It is more a movie about three parties, the misguided criminal, the police chief that is desperate to save the day, and the hostage caught in the middle. Stockholm is an intentionally messy, engaging action, with notes of dark humor, and a top tier cast that drives it home. To sum it up, Stockholm is a captivating drama.

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