Leo Brady reviews “Knife + Heart” on AMovieGuy.com

Knife + Heart opens with a scene that is both extremely violent and hyper sexual, so much that it feels like a test for any audience member for what they can stomach in their horror films. I certainly hope you can stick it out, because I found Knife + Heart to be one of the cooler, more artistic horror films in the past few years. The setting is the 70’s, and the first murder is the beginning of a string of murders, involving a masked person, who hunts various men starring in the male-male porno films directed by Anne Pareze (a fascinating Vanessa Paradis). These killings are coinciding with Anne’s own personal problems, a disintegrating relationship with her editor Lois (Kate Moran), assisted by her problems with jealousy, and drinking. With a mysterious, neon look, an electric score by M83, and a cool homage to past foreign horror films, Knife + Heart is a horror movie with edge.


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