Leo Brady reviews “Hellboy” on AMovieGuy.com

Midway through Hellboy, the half devil, half man (this time played by Stranger Things star David Harbour) enters into a store, which is covering for an underground agency protecting the world from the supernatural, and on the front counter, staring us right in the face, is a Monster Energy drink. Although it is blatant product placement, the extreme caffeine laced beverage is the perfect visual metaphor for what this movie experience is. It’s an intense visual sugar rush of CGI violence, blood, gnashing teeth, and brainless action that will give you a stomach ache before the last drop. The big red guy, with shaved off horns, is back to fight monsters and an evil witch by the name of Nimue (Milla Jovovich), only this time there is very little redeeming in his journey to save the universe from an eternal hell. In fact, compared to this, hell might not be so bad.


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