Leo Brady reviews “Dumbo” on AMovieGuy.com

With Disney going through past animated classics, retelling them in live-action form, it’s hard to not see these revisions as cash grabs for pennies, especially when it comes to the moneybags Mousketeer media conglomerate. Now, Disney owns all of Fox Entertainment, recently removing thousands of jobs, and I’m not sure if this was intentional, but stopping the big entertainment company from taking out the little guy is the hidden message in this new version of Dumbo. Although that message may confuse audience members, if you’re aware of the irony, but Tim Burton still finds a way to bring his flare for the fantastic into the tale of that lovable flying elephant. Dumbo is filled with a lively cast of actors, a grand scale of circus magic, and the adorable big lobed title character, whose puppy dog eyes will make you instantly fall in love with him. The result? I’m in the minority of critics, but I found Dumbo to be a delightful family film.


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