Leo Brady reviews “Transit” on AMovieGuy.com


The films of Christian Petzold have eluded me. I find them to be fascinating, not over-the-moon in love with them, but I’m extremely aware that he is a good filmmaker. Transit, however, might be my favorite of his yet, a film that meticulously captures his narrative style. It’s set in a post-WWII Europe, only it is present day. You read that correctly, which is something that makes Transit a fascinating, yet depressing story, how it feels current, but we’re supposed to believe it is a time of intense oppression. Georg (Franz Rogowski) is leaving France to evade the Nazi invasion, but when he is asked to deliver a letter, he finds the person whom the letter is intended for dead in a bathtub. He assumes this man’s identity, leaves with a friend to Marseilles, and is approached by the wife of the very man whose identity he has stolen. The mystery of these characters, a constant threat of death, and the gorgeous direction, make Transit a luscious piece of cinema.


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