Leo Brady reviews “The Kid” on AMovieGuy.com

Just looking at Vincent D’onofrio one would think he was plucked out of the wild wild west. He’s a burly man, a bit eccentric, and knows the right amount of energy to bring to a role. It’s only fitting that his directorial debut would be a western about Billie “The Kid”, starring Dane DeHaan as a yellow teethed, renegade cowboy, and Ethan Hawke in the role as sheriff Pat Garrett, desperately on the hunt to get the wanted criminal. The title has a double meaning, The Kid is also a young man named Rio (Jake Schur), who kills his father in defense of his mother, loses both parents in the process, runs away from his disgusting uncle Grant (Chris Pratt), and along with his sister ends up on the road with Billie “The Kid”. This is a bit of a standard western. A young man, thrown into the fire, caught between the law and the legend, and growing up fast in the process. The Kid is conventional, but an enjoyable western at least.


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