Leo Brady reviews “Captain Marvel” on AMovieGuy.com


With Captain Marvel being the 21st installment into the Marvel cinematic universe, you likely have an idea of how their formula is working. The more movies that are added to the pile, the more of an episodic tone bubbles to the top, making it more comparable to a season of Game of Thrones than anything Francois Truffaut ever did on celluloid. Sadly, it took twenty movies for Marvel to venture into a female lead character, and although the phrase “better late than never” rings in my head, I can’t help but feel disappointed in the final result. Captain Marvel has light dashes of levity, some familiar origin story tropes, and a cast that brings their best efforts. A great Marvel movie? No. An enjoyable middle episode? Sure. After the massive success of Black Panther though, the final grade does not sit well.



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