New Episode from CinemaJaw: CinemaJaw 400!, John Hammerle – Best Directors of the Decade

WOW! We made it!

Reviewed this episode: The Favourite, Creed 2
Trivia: Movies with Numbers in the Title
Sponsored by: Cards Against Humanity

First and foremost: Thank YOU! Thanks to all the JawHeads who have made these (nearly) ten years and 400 episodes so enjoyable. We relish every email, tweet, DM and comment you leave us. Honestly, it is what makes this whole thing worth doing… our relationship with the listeners. Thanks again!

400 episodes! Wow, quite a milestone! Who knew back in 2009 we would still be at it nearly a decade later? In that time, many, many films have come out and new talents have emerged. This week on CinemaJaw, in honor of our 400th episode, we are taking a look at the best directors of the past 10 years (2009-present), since the ‘Jaw began.

Joining us to help us pick, is a friend of the show and fellow critic at Hammervision, John Hammerle! John is the only CinemaJaw guest to have ever filled in as a guest host, and we thought that made him most qualified to be our 3rd on this 400th ‘Jaw!

So sit back, perhaps for the 400th time (any of you completists out there?) and listen to an amazing ‘Jaw! HERE’S TO 400 MORE!


Top 5 Directors of the Decade

5.) The Russo Brothers
4.) Neill Blomkamp
3.) David O. Russell
2.) JJ Abrams
1.) Martin Scorsese

5.) Edgar Write
4.) Damien Chazelle
3.) JJ Abrams
2.) Denis Villeneuve
1.) Ryan Coogler

5.) Steven Soderberg
4.) Damien Chazelle
3.) Noah Baumbach
2.) Christopher Nolan
1.) Denis Villeneuve

from CinemaJaw

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