New from Kevin Wozniak on Kevflix: Top 5 – Awesome Movies Coming out in September

The summer movie season is over, which means it is time for my favorite time of the year: FALL MOVIE SEASON!!  I love this time of the year so much, as it is a perfect combination of Oscar players and big budget blockbusters that are better than the typical summer fare.  September is looking to kick off the fall season right, with a highly anticipated sequel, a highly anticipated prequel, and the final film from a Hollywood icon.  Here are my picks for the best movies coming out in September.






5 – THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS (Eli Roth, September 21)

The House with the Clock in the Walls looks like an absolute ball.  Based on the novel of the same name, this movie follows a young orphan who helps his magical uncle find a clock that has the power to end the world.  Director Eli Roth is a director known for his wildly graphic horror films, like Hostel and The Green Inferno, so it’ll be interesting to see him in a tamer setting.  I also love Jack Black in just about anything and he looks to be at his absolute best, and I can’t wait to see the great Cate Blanchett.  It’s rare to see Blanchett in a role like this, as she typically goes for more dramatic movies bound for Oscars, but seeing her in this kind of role shows why she is arguably the best actress working today and her caliber of acting could easily elevate this movie to another level.



4 – WHITE BOY RICK (Yann Demange, September 14)

White Boy Rick is the incredible true story of how a kid in Detroit became an FBI informant and drug kingpin all before he was sixteen years old.  It’s a crazy story and feels like one of those movies that you have to see to believe.  The great Matthew McConaughey stars as the Rick’s father, a low-level hustler in his own right, and newcomer Richie Merritt stars as our titular character.  The movie looks absolutely insane, filled with grittiness, 80’s nostalgia, and fun, kind of like a dirtier Wolf of Wall Street.  This could be an under-the-radar Oscar player, but more than likely will be one of the wildest movies of the year.



3 – THE NUN (Corin Hardy, September 7)

The Conjuring franchise is one I never thought would exist, but am glad that it does.  The Nun is the fifth entry in the franchise, following the two Conjuring movies and the two Annabelle movies, with three of the four films being really, really good movies (the first Annabelle is awful).  The Nun is the origin story of The Conjuring 2′s villain, Valak the nun, a truly terrifying villain and one that was so popular and scary, it warranted it’s own movie.  The trailers having been nothing short of horrifying, one so much so that it was forced to be taken down from YouTube for being to scary.  Let’s hope The Nun continues this franchises trend of great, smart horror.



2 – THE PREDATOR (Shane Black, September 14)

Just when you think a franchise is dead, here comes Hollywood to make it alive again.  Usually I’m not a fan of when this happens, but The Predator is different.  The last time we saw dreadlocked alien was in Predators, a decent film, but one nobody remembers and also not the greatest sendoff to one of cinema’s great extra terrestrial.  Writer/director Shane Black seems to have tapped into the craziness of the original films, as the trailers promise a wild, bloody, chaotic time.  We also get even MORE Predators, which includes a gigantic one and Predator dogs, and an all-star cast featuring the likes of Sterling K. Brown, Olivia Munn, Keegan Michael Key, Boyd Holbrook, and Trevante Rhodes.  This would have easily been number one on this list, if not for a Hollywood icon.



2 – THE OLD MAN AND THE GUN (David Lowery, September 28)

The Old Man and the Gun marks the final film of Robert Redford’s acting career.  That is reason enough to see this film.  Redford is an acting icon, a man who’s filmography is filled with classics and great performances.  Since announcing his retirement, this film shot my rankings as a must see.  Director David Lowery, who made last year’s incredible A Ghost Story, looks to have a truly special film on his hands, as Redford plays a gentlemanly bank robber on one final ride.  The cast of the film is nicely filled out by Sissy Spacek, Casey Affleck, and Tika Sumpter.  This is Redford’s swan song and should be the perfect sendoff to a Hollywood legend.





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