New from Kevin Wozniak on Kevflix: Top 5 – Directors Who Should Direct ‘Bond 25’

It was announced Tuesday that director Danny Boyle will not be directing Bond 25 due to creative differences with the film’s producers, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.  Last year, I binged every Bond movie in one month and grew a large fondness for the franchise.  This news is relatively disappointing, as I believe Boyle would have done some really interesting stuff with Bond, both visually and story-wise.  With Boyle no longer directing, we now have an open position for a highly coveted seat.  Here are my picks for the directors I believe should direct Bond 25.  Some of the choices might be long shots, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t make a great Bond flick.









Bigelow directing a Bond movie would be the culmination of everything in her career.  Aesthetically, Bigelow has a unique, tense style that would fit the grittiness of the newer vision of Bond.  Bigelow also has experience with shooting high intensity action sequences, like in Point Break and Blue Steel, something every Bond film needs.  But what makes Bigelow an interesting choice for the job would be seeing Bond from a women’s perspective.  Bigelow subverts masculinity in such an interesting way, and Bond has been a character of pure masculinity for over 50 years, and in these changing times, it would be fascinating to see how Bigelow interprets this “ultimate” masculine figure on the big screen.





This is an odd-ball choice, but Ang Lee would do wonders for Bond.  Lee is a daring filmmaker, from the projects he makes to how he makes them, everything Lee does is different and it makes him one of the most unique filmmakers today.  Lee would make a Bond unlike any we have seen before.  I imagine he would make a film similar to  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, one that strays away from the norm of Bond and looks at it from a different, emotional angle.  Lee would dive into Bond as a character and show him as more than just the suave agent.  Lee can work with big budgets, small budgets, within a studio, and on his own.  He’s an accomplished director who has worked with franchise-like movies before and would give us the most unique Bond movie ever.




This one is probably the most feasible one on the list, and for good reason.  McQuarrie has made his name as a director in the spy genre, having directed the last two Mission: Impossible films, Rogue Nation and Fallout, both of which could be considered the best of the franchise.  He understands the genre, which ultimately means he would understand Bond, who is arguably cinema’s greatest spy.  McQuarrie knows how to balance action and thrills with story and character depth, something the Bond movies have been missing in the past.  I would also love to see McQuarrie shoot an action sequence like the ones he’s done in the Mission: Impossible franchise, as they are are some of the most spectacular action sequences I’ve ever seen on film and Bond doesn’t have one that comes remotely close.  After the success of Fallout, don’t be surprised if McQuarrie ends up on the shortlist.





Speaking of success, nobody has had more success at the domestic box office in 2018 than Ryan Coogler.  Black Panther became a cultural phenomenon and a lot of that credit needs to go to Coogler, who created the freshest Marvel movie in years.  How does one follow such a success?  Well I think Coogler should tackle James Bond next.  Coogler is immensely talented in all aspects.  His movies are a visual treat (the single take fight in Creed still blows my mind), he understands his characters and makes sure we understand them too, and, the most important qualification, he knows how to work within a system, yet make his films his own.  Wilson and Broccoli are very particular about Bond and want things done a specific way (hence why Boyle left).  Coogler showed in Black Panther that he can work within a system (the MCU system is also very particular), and still make a Ryan Coogler movie.  He’s come into franchises before with Creed and knows how to carry on stories from previous films, as well as work on any budget and any scale.  Coogler would be my number one on this list if not for one man…




Christopher Nolan is arguably the best director in the game today.  Everything this man makes is an event and unlike anything we have seen before.  From the insanity of Inception, to the scale of Interstellar, to the complexity and realism of Dunkirk, Nolan creates cinema at the biggest and highest level.  He already gave us a small taste of what his version of a Bond movie would be with Inception, showcasing globe-trotting men in suits and mixing it with thrilling action, and that brief glimpse was nothing short of brilliant.  Nolan would be great picking up where the Craig-led Bond left off, but would be even better if he created a new set of Bond films, with a new Bond and new villains and adventures, which is still a possibility.  He can do franchises, he can do solo films, he can do adaptations, whatever it is, Nolan can do it and do it well.  It might be the longest of long shots, but that doesn’t mean a Christopher Nolan directed James Bond movie wouldn’t be a true cinematic event.




Who do you think should directed Bond 25?  Comment below or hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, @kevflix, or on Facebook by searching Kevflix.



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