Three new reviews from Linda and Al Lerner on Movies and Shakers to open the month of August



Hitting all the heartwarming Disney buttons, Christopher Robin rediscovers his inner child, and you may too. Being an adult isn’t always fun, but Pooh and the rest of the gang from the Hundred Acre Wood bring back those sweet old warm fuzzy feelings of friendship when they reconnect with their big best friend played by the fully engaged Ewan MacGregor.


SNL’s Kate McKinnon stands out in this messy mashup of a movie. She grabs the laughs in this unorganized, violent, spy-spoof, action-comedy, buddy film.

McKinnon plays Morgan, best friend of Audrey (Mila Kunis – Black Swan, TV’s Family Guy, Jupiter Ascending). They suddenly find themselves in a shoot-out when Audrey’s ex, who dumped her, via text, appears in their LA apartment. Drew  (Justin Theroux – HBO’s The Leftovers) turns out to be the spy referred to in the movie’s title. Under attack, Drew presses Audrey into delivering an important package to Vienna or thousands will die.


Alexander McQueen was an artist who showed extraordinary creativity through fashion which is exquisitely presented in this documentary about his life and his bold and brash work. Writer Director Peter Ettedgui and Co-Director Ian Bonhôte explain why this master fashion designer is still revered around the world and the legacy he left behind showing many of his incredible runway collections.

His use of color, texture, and imagination had no bounds. But neither did his insecurity and depression. This film gets inside his world with intimate interviews conducted of the people he made famous along with those he loved and loved him. He was close to his family and the film points out how he came out to them as gay early in his life and was totally accepted. His mother describes him as a happy child who was always drawing clothes. But he also had a dark side.



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