Leo Brady reviews “Puzzle” and interviews director Marc Turtletaub on AMovieGuy.com


They have no connection, but I’d say that Puzzle makes the perfect follow-up feature to Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird. The independent film from director Marc Turtletaub is not a flashy production, but a concrete narrative, about a woman in her forties, muscling up the courage to step out of her mundane life. Kelly Macdonald stars as Agnes, a mother of two, living in upstate New York, in a catholic community, with her mechanic husband Louie (David Denman), who always expects a home cooked meal waiting for him on the dinner table. Those old-fashioned ways don’t work anymore, as this is a movie about a woman changing the way things are done for herself, proving that a coming-of-age dramas can happen at all points of life. Puzzle is perfect when all the pieces are put together.


I found talking to director and producer Marc Turtletaub to be one of my finer interviews here at AMovieGuy.com. Most interviews with actors or directors are a privilege to me, but this was one of the rare times that I could sense in my subjects voice that he truly cared about the film he made. Puzzle is not just a passing film. It’s a beautiful story, about a woman who breaks away from the conformity of her life, and finds herself through the passion of puzzle making. As Turtletaub states in the interview, this was a rare coming-of-age story, about a woman in her 40’s, with a great performance from Kelly Macdonald. Turtletaub has been a part of plenty of great films, Little Miss Sunshine, Safety Not Guaranteed, and the beautiful Jeff Nichols film Loving are just a few. Puzzle is Turtletaub behind the camera, directing because he knows this story and he wanted to bring it to life. I was lucky enough to talk to Marc Turtletaub for AMovieGuy.com. Read my interview below:


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