New Alcohollywood podcast with Clint Worthington: InnerSpace (1987)

The main podcast is back, baby! Since Ant-Man and the Wasp has us thinking about all things shrinking, we decided to look at 1987’s fun-sized adventure comedy InnerSpace!

Film critic for (and now Alcohollywood!) Jon Espino joins us to dive into a movie from our 80s-kid childhoods – a Joe Dante romp of the finest order that sees hotshot pilot Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid) shrunk down to a microscopic level and injected into the body of nebbish hypochondriac Jack Putter (Martin Short). Together, the two have to evade corporate spies, silent Terminator-types, and navigate a very strange love triangle with Tuck’s girlfriend Lydia (Meg Ryan). 

In classic Joe Dante style, InnerSpace features a wonderful blend of surprisingly mature elements for a PG film (Dennis Quaid butt!), a charming sense of whimsy and lightness, and his signature stable of actors, from Dick Miller to Robert Picardo. Dante’s a master of these kinds of breezy high-concept adventures, so it was a real treat to finally visit his delightfully devious oeuvre. 

We had a blast talking about this crazy time capsule of a movie, so take a listen and check out our custom cocktail and drinking rules!

(Thanks to our sponsor Overcast as part of the Chicago Podcast Coop!)

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