New Episode from CinemaJaw: CinemaJaw 376, Team US Comedy – Most Powerful Kids in Film

Reviewed this episode: Hereditary, Ocean’s 8
Interested or Ignore (I for an I): Incredibles 2
Trivia: Incredible Movies Trivia

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Kids get ignored. They can’t work, they can’t vote, they can’t drive. It can seem as though children are powerless. However, of course, they are NOT! Kids can be the tidal change that interrupts societies, and youth is and always will be the voice of the future! This week on CinemaJaw we take a look at the Most Powerful Kids in Film… take that as you will.

Joining us are a couple of chaps that have not lost that youthful and playful spirit. Vik Pandya and Tyler Fowler are two-thirds of Team US Comedy. Together with Meg Indurti they have done something somewhat rare in the Stand-Up comedy scene, the three have banded together to pool their collective resources and become a team in what is largely considered a solo sport. Fresh off the shoot for an upcoming comedy special, Team US chats with us about the Chicago comedy scene, improv and stand-up and the challenges of filming and distributing an independent comedy special.

Time to pop in those earbuds, and feel powerful and young!

Top 3 Powerful Kids in Film

3.) Sharkboy & Lavagirl
2.) D.A.R.Y.L.
1.) Charlie McGee – Firestarter

3.) Alfalfa
2.) Kevin McAlister
1.) Dale and Brendan – Step-Brothers

3.) Kevin McAlister
2.) Samwise Gamgee
1.) Matilda – The Professional

3.) Alton – Midnight Special
2.) Anthony from
1.) Abby – Let the right one in

A special reminder to JawHeads: Check out Pfil’s YouTube Channel called Art’s Cliffhouse.

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