Jeff York hosts the “Page 2 Screen” podcast for the International Screenwriters’ Association to review “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and “Deadpool 2”



“Solo: A Star Wars Story” is well told, but is this trip really necessary?

Ron Howard does a bang-up job helming “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, directing the stand-alone space opera with precision, energy, and engaging performances. Still, as entertaining as it all it, it begs the question whether this trip is truly necessary. After all, audiences already know how Han Solo’s story ends in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, so how vital can his backstory be? This one struggles to be pertinent, as does star Alden Ehrenreich to live up to his predecessor, the legendary Harrison Ford. Despite a sharp script by Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jonathan, this trip to a galaxy far, far away lacks oomph. Sadly, the Force isn’t so strong with this one.


“Deadpool 2” pushes the sentimentality but not the humor far enough.

Who’d have thought that the sequel to the raunchy and satirical “Deadpool” movie would end up being so sentimental? You’d think given the 2016 box office records and critical hosannas, the filmmakers would’ve simply dialed up the profanity and over-the-top visual gags even more in this 2018 follow-up. Sure, there’s a lot of outrageousness on display, and great laughs too, but not nearly enough. Instead, Ryan Reynolds et al. spend a lot of time mourning a departed character and acting maudlin about parenting. That seems out of character, as well as a tonal shift from the snarky intellectual property that was anything by sentimental.


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