New Alcohollywood podcast with Clint Worthington: Upgrade: Interview with Writer/Director Leigh Whannell

Alcohollywood’s spinoff mini-cast On Tap returns! Every so often, we’ll be providing you with exclusive interviews, reviews and festival coverage alongside the regular podcast. Hope you enjoy!

To kick off our (semi-) inaugural installment, Clint reviews Leigh Whannell’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Upgrade.  After losing his wife and the use of his limbs after a tragic attack, a man (Logan Marshall-Green) equips himself with an experimental technological upgrade to regain the ability to walk  – using his newfound powers to track down the men who killed his wife. It’s lean, bloody and immensely entertaining, with more than a few neat tricks to spice up its bone-crunching action and enticingly rendered near-future world.

Along the way, Clint sits down with Whannell to discuss the conception of the film’s cyberpunk world, choreographing intricate fight scenes, and finding the perfect voice for Upgrade‘s all-powerful technology. Take a listen!

(To read Clint’s full review of Upgrade, head over to Consequence of Sound.)

from Alcohollywood

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