New Episode from CinemaJaw: CinemaJaw 374, Neal Edelstein – Best Movie Sidekicks

Reviewed this episode: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Interested or Ignore (I for an I): Upgrade

Trivia: “Action” and “Point” movie Trivia

Sponsored by: Second City Training Center

No hero is ever truly complete without the sidekick. A good sidekick softens and rounds out a hero character and provides a layer of accessibility. At best a sidekick is as indispensable to the hero as they are to the story, at worst they are a punchline. This week on CinemaJaw the lads examine the best sidekicks in film, and we aren’t talking vintage cell phones.

Joining us is a name that will be familiar to JawHeads.  Neal Edelstein is an award-winning independent film producer, writer

and director. With productions credits on films like Mulholland Drive and The Ring, Neal is a heavy hitter in the industry and just a guy who loves to talk movies! He always has something cooking, and Matt and Ry do their best to drag some details out.

So share a pair of earbuds with your sidekick, the jaw signal is in the clouds… time for another thrilling episode of… CinemaJaw!

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