New from Reel Talker by Jim Alexander: Interview: Filmmaker Meredith Danluck

State Like Sleep is an intriguing noir about a woman discovering her celebrity husbands double life after his death. The film debut at the Tribeca Film Festival. I had a chance to speak to the writer and director of the film, Meredith Danluck. Meredith joined me from Tribeca to discuss the film. Check out the full audio of the interview:


It was much appreciated on my end that Meredith was able to join me in the middle of the chaos of Tribeca and her film debut. I asker her about the noir element of the film and she made a great point about noir being more than just the look and tone. It was a great perspective what noir means to her and makes total sense.

I asked her about Katherine Waterston’s performance. She was definitely the key to the film. Surrounded by accomplished veteran actors like Shannon and Evans, she really does a nice job navigating the story as it goes back and forth in time.

I was was pretty surprised when Meredith revealed she loved surfing in her free time.

STATE LIKE SLEEP has no release date yet (TBD)


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