Leo Brady previews the 6th Chicago Critics Film Festival on AMovieGuy.com


AMovieGuy.com’s Preview of the 6th Chicago Critics Film Festival!

It would be pointless for me to cover the Chicago Critics Film Festival every year and tell you how great it is. I mean, come on! Is it always that good? In a word: Yes! I mean, I can see how it looks that way, but over the last 6 years, the city of Chicago has been blessed with this festival, which continues to draw some of the biggest names in Hollywood and movies that earned high praise from critics all over. This year is an especially unique collection of films. There’s not a single film on the schedule that feels like conforming to what audiences want. This team of critics have a courageous optimism that I would not always have. Let’s be honest, putting together a film festival is a massive leap of faith, and as the CFCA did last year with David Lowery‘s A Ghost Story, you can be sure that there will be plenty of surprises, challenges, and entertaining movies for audiences to enjoy at The Music Box Theatre. It all kicks off on Friday May 4th with Julia Hart’s post-apocalyptic film Fast Color and closes with Bo Burham’s Sundance hit Eighth Grade. In between are plenty of movies to enjoy, including a 25th anniversary screening of Jurassic Park, and other movies that AMovieGuy.com thinks you should see:


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