Clint Worthington reviews “Avengers: Infinity War” on Alcohollywood

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 1.40.13 PM

Marvel’s culmination of their decade-long cinematic experiment stays afloat by sheer virtue of goodwill and charisma, and provides more than enough surprises to keep the bloated narrative from falling apart.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has spent the last decade building up a sprawling, interconnected world of comic book superheroes, an incredible experiment that has paid off to the tune of billions of dollars for Marvel and its parent company, Disney. For something this big, however, there has to be an endgame: by this point in the mythos, there are more than two dozen superheroes across their respective franchises that audiences are expected to keep track of. (This doesn’t even factor in all the TV shows and other in-universe content.)With Avengers: Infinity War, producer Kevin Feige and directors Joe and Anthony Russo (the last two Cap films) start to wrap up the elaborate chess game they’ve set up over ten years and nearly a dozen movies. It’s an ambitious feat that could fall apart at the slightest imbalance; that the film holds together as well as it does, and provides some truly fan-destroying shocks along the way, is nothing short of miraculous.


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