Leo Brady reviews “Super Troopers 2” and “Rampage” on AMovieGuy.com



Before my screening of Super Troopers 2, I turned to one of my fellow colleagues and asked, “how long ago has it been since the first Super Troopers?” The answer? 17 years. It has been more than a decade since the original, which became a “frat classic” to the college kids, about a group of wild Vermont state troopers that pull pranks, smoke weed, and occasionally succeed at the serving and protecting part. In between that span of time, I graduated from high school and college. That’s a long friggen time. To some, it may be 10 years too late or an entirely unnecessary sequel, but director Jay Chandrasekhar has rallied the entire Broken Lizard team together for Super Troopers 2 and to this film critics surprise…it’s good old fashioned fun shenanigans. With a mixture of childish fart humor and slapstick wackiness, Super Troopers 2 is a laugh riot.


So, this is where we are now? The ideas in the movie well are running dry, where what’s left are properties of Midway’s mildly popular 80’s arcade games to become vehicles for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to harness his star power. This time, he battles genetically modified monster animals, with loads of destruction, leaving buildings in piles of rubble at his feet. Director Brad Peyton (San Andreas) makes films that fit into the genre of other noisy blockbusters, such as TransformersG.I. Joe, or Battleship, but Rampage is highly aware of what it is. This is a B-movie with enormous action and a big Hollywood name to draw the masses. It is mindless fun for audiences and if it wanted to be a better movie, it would have deeper characters for us to care about. Either way, Rampage is clunky, crashing good fun, but leaves our minds smashed to smithereens in the end.


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