Five new April reviews from Seven Gunn on Chicago Now



I knew a little about the story before watching and I was hearing about the buzz. The young teenage actor Charlie Plummer is from ‘All the Money in the World’. I figured this would be a great film… and I was right. A young boy and his horse. What could go wrong? This was one of the most tragic films I’ve ever seen. I was traumatized just walking away from it.  ‘Lean on Pete’ comes from Film4 Productions and A24 Studios and produced by Tristan Goligher. The notable works from director Andrew Haigh are ‘Weekend,’ ’45 Years’, and ‘Looking’.


When the phrase ‘Just a Friend’ is uttered from the lips of entertainment enthusiasts, one thinks of Biz Markie’s platinum award-winning song released in 1989. He really knew what he was talking about! ‘Just a Friend’ is one of the most commonly used terms surrounding men and women in relationships, but it can be interpreted as many different meanings. Writer and director, Annette Galloway explores the meaning of the term ‘Just A Friend’ through her 2017 film work of the same name.


‘Acrimony’ weaves an intricate web of deceit and lies. Director and screenwriter, Tyler Perry is known for making films about fed up, angry black women, ‘you done me wrong’, but at least you already know what you are getting……So you can’t really complain. There is a niche audience for his films and this fact is widely known. I indulged myself with this ‘Acrimony’ trying to keep an open mind and taking the blinders off. I have been a black woman scorned or a friend trying to stop a jaded black woman. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in those places that I can be more sympathetic to the story. However, the cinematography was not quite up to par and this might be attributed to the 8 day filming schedule crunch. They really should have taken their time with it. The producers include Mark E. Smith, Will Areu, Ozzie Areu and Tyler Perry. ‘Acrimony’ comes from the collaboration with Tyler Perry Studios and Lionsgate.


While talking to a teacher at a Chicagoland area school a few years ago, he recommended the book, ‘Ready Player One’ to me. I immediately went to my local library and requested the audio book. I loved the book, but I also suggest seeing the movie. Compare what you think you know will happen…. and how the world of ‘Ready Player One’ will evolve over time.

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