Two new “Connecting With Classics” podcasts co-hosted by Every Movie Has a Lesson and Feelin’ Film


EPISODE #3: All About Eve

March is Women’s History Month, so for Episode 3, Aaron White of Feelin’ Film and Don Shanahan researched some of the best female performances of all-time and found the perfect film to discuss on the American Film Institute’s Top 100 10th Anniversary list.  We didn’t have to go far because slotted at #16 on their original list and #28 on their anniversary the list is Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s All About Eve.  Before this podcast, this was a “blind spot” for both of us.  That’s the beauty of this “Connecting With Classics” series. We all can find new greats to enjoy, even the hosts.

EPISODE #2: Casablanca

Here in Episode 2 of “Connecting With Classics”, Feelin’ Film’s Aaron White, guest host Josh Effengee from LSG Media’s Science Fiction Film Podcast, and myself celebrate Valentine’s Day by discussing a film that is considered one of the greatest love stories ever told. Casablanca checks in at #3, NUMBER THREE!, on the AFI Top 100 10th Anniversary list. This is definitely a beloved classic, Every Movie Has a Lesson’s all-time #1 favorite movie, and we have a great conversation about its quality as a film and all of the ways it has resonated with us emotionally.

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