Emmanuel Noisette reviews “Tomb Raider” and “A Wrinkle in Time” for The Movie Blog

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 5.01.06 PM


Let’s start with the most obvious plus for this movie, and I would say that Alicia Vikander did an adequate job of becoming the new Lara Croft. It should be noted that she’s a much better adaptation to the more recent Tomb Raider video games. Vikander excelled at making her character much more grounded and authentic. Her action sequences never relied on the impractical video game issues that would over power a character. Beyond that, the film does a nice job of emphasizing Croft’s resourcefulness in times of peril.


If you couldn’t tell by the trailers, the visuals in this film were really nicely done. There are scenes that are slightly animated with CGI, but it gels with the fantasy like setting that is throughout the movie. There are number of colorful scenes that are framed perfectly with some creative camera work. Director Ava Duvernay really showed off her creative touch with just how vivid this film can be in a number of scenes. The visuals will undoubtedly touch the imagination of younger viewers, making this movie almost like an “Inception” for kids.


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