’s Leo Brady interviews Zooey Deutch of “Flower”

Zoey Deutch! Zoey Deutch! Say it loud and proud, because the actress known for her roles in Why Him?Before I Fall, and Everybody Wants Some!! is a massive rising star. It’s not a surprise that she is the daughter of Back to the Future star Lea Thompson and Pretty in Pink director Howard Deutch, because she is a born natural. She can play the girlfriend or the mean girl sure, but in her newest film Flower she is a complete force of nature. Her character Erica is a complex one and the perfect vehicle to catapult Zoey into the upper levels of must-see actors. was so lucky to be able to ask Zoey some questions on the Hot Seat!

AMG.COM: Zoey, I want to clear my throat and just say congratulations on your growing success and your performance here in Flower. I was a big fan of your work before, but I feel like this is the film that highlights your energy and how good you are, so keep up the great work.

ZOEY DEUTCH: Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it.


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