Two new Seeing and Believing podcasts on Christ and Pop Culture review “The Post,” “The Shape of Water,” “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” and “The Disaster Artist”

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Click on the titles for the full shows


Wade Bearden and Kevin McLenithan close out 2017 with reviews of two of this winter’s most anticipated films. First up is The Post, Steven Spielberg’s star-studded, timely retelling of the true-life confrontation between the Nixon administration and the Washington Post over news coverage of the Vietnam War and the Pentagon Papers. Then the guys dive into Guillermo Del Toro’s splashy new film, The Shape of Water, a fairy-tale-like story about the unlikely connection between a mute cleaning lady and a fish-man. Merry Christmas from S&B, and thanks to our listeners for tuning in during 2017!


The most revered film franchise in history joins forces with the most ridiculed movie in history to rule the galaxy or at least the podcast this week. Wade Bearden and Kevin McLenithan review the long-awaited second installment in Disney’s new Star Wars trilogy; they also take a look at James Franco’s movie The Disaster Artist about the so-called “worst film ever made,” The Room and the oddball behind it. Whether you prefer samurai-wizards in space or long-haired weirdos with a tenuous grasp of human behavior, Seeing & Believing has you covered!

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