Movies and Shakers opens 2018 with a review of “Paddington 2”


Paddington lives up to his motto and the film’s message setting a good example for children as well as adults. So don’t think this is a kids’ movie. It’s clever, fun and enjoyable. The animation is beautifully done combining live action with motion capture, capturing the little bear’s emotions through body language, even when he is sad. It might even get to you.

Paddington spouts such sayings as “If we’re a kid and polite, the world will be right” Paddington is impossibly good, kind, gentle, considerate and loving showing more humanity than any human. But the film is not saccharin sweet. It’s clever even finding a way to make prison convicts likable. Be sure to stay for the big musical production number during the credits for a real treat starring the villain of this story played by Hugh Grant. It was the first scene he shot and says he was terrified. It took 18 hours to shoot and he found out, first hand, what it’s like to be a song and dance man.


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