Leo Brady announces the 2017 Movie Awards for AMovieGuy.com


2017 was a year of change for the Hollywood industry. Women took a stand and became a prominent voice in cinema. Patty Jenkins broke ground with the great success of Wonder Women, Greta Gerwig proved her voice when she is behind the camera in Lady Bird, and countless other women spoke up with the #METOO Campaign. AMovieGuy.com’s year began with great coverage and moments at SXSW, including our interview with Ridley Scott & Michael Fassbender as part of the Alien: Covenant red carpet. It was also a banner year for our Hot Seat Interviews with Zoe Lister-JonesNajerra TownsendPat HealyCamille ThomanJohn Carroll LynchDavid Lowery, and many more made for fantastic group of guests. We covered the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, the first ever Cinepocalypse, and the 5th Chicago Critics Festival. The movies were pretty great too! It was a tough year to choose a top ten and give out awards, but someone has to do it! Here are AMovieGuy.com’s Awards for 2017:


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