Brian Thompson, Danielle Solzman, and Andrea Thompson contribute to the Top 25 films of 2017 list for The Young Folks


Don’t trust anyone who likes to end the given year by saying “it was a bad year for movies”. They’re both wrong (obviously) and also, clearly, haven’t seen enough. The riches are there and sometimes you just have to look for them. What 2017 had going for it is that it offered up substantial stories in both it’s independent efforts while also being a banner year for blockbuster spectacle. What’s so delightful about our list this year is how clearly and amalgamation and expression of the year we had. Escapism reigned supreme in many areas, but so did films that asked us to turn inwards, introspective films that asked the hard questions for the right reasons. There’s a lot to love here (and also a lot we loved that couldn’t make the list). At the very least this list should help offer some suggestions to help get you through the last two days of the hellscape of a year we’ve all endured (be proud, we made it). What made your list?


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