Andrea Thompson reviews “Phantom Thread” and “All the Money in the World” on A Reel of One’s Own

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Two people finding they’re truly meant for each other on-screen is generally one of the most touching experiences we can have in a movie theater. But there’s a darker side to this story that isn’t often acknowledged. When both people are horrible examples of humanity, they can also magnify each other’s worst instincts. Such is the case for the ultimately toxic relationship in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Phantom Thread.”


If “All the Money in the World” becomes best known for its replacement of Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer, that will be a shame. The film’s commitment to its less-is-more approach is quite useful when discussing obscene amounts of money, and how easily it can break rather than make us. Normally the tagline “inspired by true events” is an excuse for hysterics, but “All the Money” surprisingly manages to keep them to a minimum in a story that’s practically begging for them.


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