Jon Espino reviews “Wonder” for The Young Folks


Wonder embodies the very essence of Thanksgiving and the entire spirit of kindness that tends to only come out in limited quantities during the Winter holidays. The film will flood your emotions with feelings of empathy, and no one is better suited at delivering a complex story about adolescence like co-writer/director Stephen Chbosky. Unlike Chbosky’s previous film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, our protagonist is in middle school and must face the rash insensitivity that children are often capable of. He treats the story as an inspirational one about the indomitable positivity of a child who is facially different from the other kids. There is always an obstacle to overcome, with this one, of course, being bullying. It’s an obstacle that even kids without facial differences have to often overcome in a school environment, but for August (Jacob Tremblay), it has become part of his everyday life.


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