Movies and Shakers reviews “The Foreigner”


This was better than expected. Jackie Chan said he was going to hang up action films a few years ago because it took such a toll on his body. But he’s baa-aack. And he does a good job with the fighting and stunts he eventually does in the film. But what he really wanted to show was that he can act serious. He was tired of only getting action comedy roles in Hollywood. Chan liked the script by David Marconi (Live Free and Die Hard, Enemy of the State) based on Stephen Leather’s novel, The Chinaman, and said, “I can do this.”

This is all very Bondish with lots of twists and turns. Director Martin Campbell directed Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Chan and Brosnan go head to head in this one. It’s a smart script based on Chan who plays Quan, a meek owner of a Chinese restaurant in London. When his daughter (Katie Leung) is killed in a bombing that the IRA claims responsibility for, Quan, goes to Britain’s First Irish Minister, Liam Hennessy, played by Brosnan, for help getting “names” seeking revenge for her death by this terrorist act.


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