Movies and Shakers reviews “Marshall” to open the 53rd Chicago International Film Festival


How did director Reginald Hedlin talk Chadwick Boseman into doing another biopic? After playing James Brown, Jackie Robinson, and Floyd Little, Boseman balked, until he read Hedlin’s script. It was created by the father and son team of writer Jacob and prominent Connecticut Civil Rights Lawyer, Michael Koskoff who researched the subject thoroughly. It also didn’t hurt that Thurgood Marshall’s son wrote Boseman a letter urging him to take it on.

But this film isn’t just a biopic. And it’s not preachy. It just presents the facts through a courtroom case based on race. The evidence unfolds throughout the film a little at a time while the characterizations of those involved are being revealed. It’s courtroom drama and you become part of the jury.


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