The Alcohollywood podcast reviews “Looney Tunes: Back in Action”


This week, Grant of Chip and IronicusSex Archie and History Honeys joins us for the 2003 semi-cartoon comedy Looney Tunes: Back in Action!

In this Joe Dante-directed mix of live action and animation, Daffy Duck gets fired from the WB lot because he’s tired of playing second fiddle to Bugs Bunny. Before long, they (along with hapless human co-stars Brendan Fraser and Jenna Elfman) find themselves wrapped up in a curious spy caper, as Fraser must save his spy-actor dad (Timothy Dalton) from the clutches of the ACME Chairman (Steve Martin) and save the world from being turned into monkeys… or something. Check out our podcast, custom cocktail and drinking game!


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