Jeff York reviews “Battle of the Sexes” on The Establishing Shot


All period pieces are commentaries on our modern world. Is it because things don’t change that much from decade to decade, or century to century? Perhaps, but the essential makeup of mankind isn’t altered nearly as much as we’d think it would be by progress or time. Instead, many of our instincts, from the basest of urges to the most intellectual rigors, remain consistent no matter what period. Thus, the fight for sexual equality today isn’t all that different from the one waged in 1973 as proven by the savvy new movie BATTLE OF THE SEXES.

In fact, as you watch this clever take on how tennis player Billie Jean King battled both sexism and at large, and specifically, a male chauvinist pig Bobby Riggs, you may realize how the struggle hasn’t really gone away. It certainly exists all too blatantly on today’s political, social and economic fronts for women, as well as members of the LGBTQ community. White patriarchy is still trying to thwart them. Thus, this film is as timely as it is entertaining.


Emma Stone as Billie Jean King

Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs

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