Don Shanahan reviews “Stronger” and “Battle of the Sexes” for Every Movie Has a Lesson and Medium



Diametric to its title, the core of Stronger’s life after trauma chronicles a venerating angle applied to the “Boston Strong” nature with little melodrama.  This is director David Gordon Green’s best film to date, easily surpassing the fad success of Pineapple Express.  Stronger’s touching tone carries unmistakable courage and inspires an unshakeable stir of appreciation.

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Reflecting on the past, Battle of the Sexes recounts a tremendously positive turning point in women’s sports.  Drawing parallels to the present, the film also stands tall as a pertinent message film where one can compare the amount of progress towards gender equality in 44 years.  Injecting earnest drama and profundity into the tried-and-true sports movie formula, directors Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton have crafted a gratifying yarn packed with contagious enthusiasm.

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