Danielle Solzman interviews actress Jen Richards for Solzy at the Movies

Screenshot 2017-07-21 at 2.26.02 PM

Jen Richards took some time over the weekend to talk to Solzy at the Movies about her role in Easy Living and transgender opportunities in TV and film.

Thanks for joining Solzy at the Movies today.  How are things treating you?

Jen Richards:  The sun is shining, I had fried chicken for breakfast, and the Clash just came up on my iPad, so I’d say things are treating me rather well.

You’re co-starring as Danny in the upcoming film, Easy Living.  What drew you to the script?

Jen Richards:  A job offer! There’s not a whole lot of work for trans actors. Now, what excited me about the script was the ways in which Adam subverting so many tropes. Not only in the questionable behavior of Sherry, the lead, but in having the stable best friend be a trans woman. My character wasn’t there just to be trans, which is more typical. It’s a subtle, but powerful, shift that puts Adam way ahead of the curve. He recognized that trans people are first and foremost people. That we can be ordinary. I was also blown away by the fact that while he always envisioned the character as a trans woman, and wanted an out trans actress, it’s never once mentioned in the script. I’ve never seen that before, save Silas Howard’s character in By Hook or By Crook, which was over 15 years ago.


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